The Loyalist

The Loyalist is an award-winning short film that takes place during the Revolutionary War. Director, Bobby Sansivero, crafted a cinematically stunning film depicting the duality of men during times of strife, the beginnings of war espionage, and the genesis of the Culper Ring in Long Island, New York. While the accompanying all-original score maintains the historical integrity of the time period. 


Jake Estes, a documentary filmmaker, is currently working on a controversial and intriguing project. A conversation about guns. Terrorism, hate crimes, and school shootings make this topic a contentious one that has fractured the nation into different groups trying to find answers in different directions. While American’s love their shoot-em-ups on the big screen -- James Bond, John Wick, Jack Ryan -- Jake Estes discusses guns in their realism.

My Cousin is an NRA Member...




Chrysanthemum, directed by Suliya Gisele, is a stunning short film that captures the pain of loss. Nothing can fill in the all-consuming emptiness that comes from the death of a child, but when a tormented mother finds a doll in the trash, she begins to smile again. Chrysanthemum, between the stunning silence, is a heartbreaking love story of a husband desperate to connect with his wife again.

The Ideal Saturday

A short story in music video format. The Ideal Saturday uses "Penultimate" for the backdrop of this comedy-lite slice of life video.