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Scarlett Solo  & Me

I don't sing, not even in the shower. But I got the Scarlett Solo for another project and decided to give it a try. Some oohs and whispers, synthy strings, beats, and a plugin called apocalyptic drop... and *mic drop* a song was created.


I can see John Wick walking through an ancient Roman ruin converted into a technicolor dance hall with this playing in the background. Hold on to your guns baby, it's Slow Burn

Idle Tap Games

I never got into video games as a kid. And now I’m tail-end Gen X Millenial who can't use a controller to save my life! My one attempt to play Grand Theft Auto as an adult started with just trying to steer a car and resulted in accidentally killing a couple of people, causing tons of structural damage, and finally being beaten to death by the cops. 


Now I Play Idle Tap Games

I can't remember how I discovered MyOasis, but I loved how it was a mindlessly soothing phone game where you listen to music and grow a digital world by tapping. The simple mechanics of putting finger-to-screen to generate points so you can upgrade elements within the world was the perfect solution to my Xbox and Playstation ineptitude.

MyOasis also has musical challenges where it rings out 3 notes and you have to sound them out and play them back. Sunday morning, I was snuggled on the couch and working on a pot of coffee when I heard a 3-note combo I liked... and then another. I thought I should build a song from these! I patterned out three 3-note-combos and layered on a few more elements and supporting notes and "Dark Oasis" was made.

Also on Sundays... there is an HBO cluster-fuck comedy of a show called Avenue 5. After my partner listened to Dark Oasis, and perhaps in anticipation of watching this ridiculous show, said, “I listen to this and visualize the ship from Avenue 5 gliding through space majestically.” And with that, a space video was made to accompany the song. Take a love of idle tap games, add in a 3-note music challenge and an HBO reference, and BLAM! a space music video is created... this is the perfect time to use the phrase...

'it's not the destination, it's the journey'

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