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Rosie Record

NYC Film and Media Composer

Rosie Record is a film and media composer in NYC who breathes emotions into films, web series, and other mixed media with her unique take on scores. She's known for creating stunning, epic and emotional music to accompany any experience captured on screen.

Music is incorporeal; it is simply vibrations of air. Yet it can immediately move people and ultimately provide emotional continuity to the human experience. It can make people excited, angry, feel sorrow, or confront the complexity of thoughts and feelings not easily categorized into box A or box B.


Akin to the complexity of humanity, Rosie Record composes dynamic music. From low-down electronica beats, to cinematic and tense synths, to heartbreaking violins and pianos weaving together for a final farewell, she crafts music to fit all moments. Are you ready to have the soul of music woven into your upcoming project?

Music Samples

Cinematic Strings

The following songs are mostly string driven. Need a song to evoke the emotions of two lovers forbidden to touch again? Unrequited. Acknowledging how bittersweet it is to smile again after a loss? Saying Goodbye. Memories of a grandmother rocking away the hurt of childhood? Soft Touch. From emotional backdrops to character-driven sentiments, these songs demonstrate how sorrow, love, and more can be captured with the vibrating strings of pianos, violins, guitars, etc.

Classic Music


The following electronica songs cover a wide variety of sounds, themes, and emotions. Need a stunning auditory background for a spy thriller in the far reaches of Morocco? Ineffable. A hauntingly optimistic post-apocalyptic song? The Whistler. Want to capture sex and intrigue as your lead dips into the lux interior of a vampire club? Circumspect. Explore and imagine. Utilizing the incredible and extensive libraries from Komplete, Output, etc., these songs demonstrate how music can capture any conceivable emotion, scene, thought, or artistic need for film or media.

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